Monday, September 27, 2010

back to the real world, Suva.

Day 72: September 27, 2010
1. Well, last week, was slow moving, stressful, and depressing. I missed all the new people I met out in the Yasawas and well after having 10 amazing days of traveling and coming back to the real world.. it gets a bit depressing. Yes the real world for me is Suva, Fiji in case you were wondering.
2. On the up side, a grad student I met from austrailia who was studying backpackers and backpacker resorts came to my UNI to speak and so I went and listened in then went and had lunch with him and my other two homies who were traveling with him and I believe it was the chair of the department of tourism as well.
3. Said goodbye for the second time to them.. I hate goodbyes.
4. Had a bit of a stressful week with school.. It’s getting really busy at this point.
5. There has been no Sunday dinner for 3 weeks.. I’m sooo hungry.
6. Friday… no class.. I wanted to go out to another island, but I stayed up late Thursday working on my paper that was due Friday and then it took about 2 hours to print it and walk it down to lower campus.
7. Friday was open day at my school.. that’s when all the colleges and schools come check out the USP campus and they have a cultural show, it was a big deal. I watched some of it, but went to town earlier to find my so called mail that is supposedly in Fiji.
8. My package is lost… in the mail… and I really want it. ☹ It’s a I love brooke package with good stuff. From mi amiga ruthie.
9. Probably a bad idea to mail packages here.. maybe I just have been having bad luck.
10. Saturday came around.. woke up bright and early and went to Sigatoka Sand dunes (by myself).. got ripped off by a taxi driver again.. I had no choice, the bus driver was being rude and could not stop for one second to let me off at the dunes.. oh well. Point is.. I made it to the sigatoka sand dunes.
11. Sigatoka Sand dunes. == amazing.. and the coastal walk.. ahhh the waves were sooo huge.. so pretty… I love the ocean. Ahhhhh.
12. I lost my flip flops in the dunes… so I walked in my leg warmers on the sand, then barefoot into sigatoka town after.
13. On the cab back to sigatoka I met a girl from one of the close villages, we hung out in town for a bit and she got me shoes.. I was fine without them I really was.. getting my fiji feet on and all.. but she insisted on getting me shoes and well after a Fijian insists for so long, you just got to give up and accept what ever they are trying to give to you. I felt a bit overwhelmed.. nobody has ever done that for me… and I have never lost my shoes in sand dunes and had to walk barefoot.
14. I bought drinks and we ate some lunch over by the sigatoka river.
15. Yay… a new friend ☺
16. I then went to Kule Eco Park.. and I held iguanas, a baby boa, and bugged the birds that were there.. I teased them.. Like I tease Kya and byorn at home.. (mi doggies)… I missss teasing mi doggies.. I miss me doggies.
17. I helped one of the iguanas shed its skin.. its like when you peel off your own skin from a sunburn..
18. I decided I had to stop at beachhouse.. they have a swing at this resort.. and well. I love swings. Especially on the beach.. It’s like… I’m a swingaholic .. but the childish kind.. not the grown up weird kind. I went out to the beach.. and swang.. then decided I had no choice but to stay at the beachhouse. It was marvelous.. I love itttttttt.
19. Beach house.. has my love. Haha. It has a swing.. a pool.. ocean.. clear ocean at that..hammocks.. and good food.
20. I saved two crabs from the pool.. they were in it.. fighting and I saved them… they pinched me though.. not very nice there.
21. I met some really cool people at beachhouse.. I offered my house as an accommodation for them if they would like to visit the terrible town of suva.. some people actually do want to come.. which is cool with me.. I like helping people save money if I can…So far nobody wants to come to suva. Haha.
22. I had a nice dance party in my bedroom.. it consisted of me… and the black eyed peas… just saying
23. It’s raining, raining, raining……… yeah.
24. I have run out of internet for the month.. I ran out 7 days ago.. so I guess I better top up a little and pay up ☹
25. I don’t know if I mentioned this, but my camera screen broke when I was at beachcomber.. and was broken for all of the yasawas then on the bus up to Raki Raki it started working which was perfect timing cause I was super homesick and wanted to see my pictures.. I have pictures from home on my camera.. always ☺
26. School is getting stressful.
27. Sunday dinner is a go finally. Its been three weeks.. and I been starving.
28. My professor did not show up today.. and I had to do a presentation too.
29. It’s almost my little sisters birthday….she better be keeping the sister promise I gave her and my other sister. Haha.
30. I tried kava bread.. me no likey..
31. Technology has made me cry… I cant communicate with people back home so well ☹ it makes me sad.

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