Friday, November 12, 2010

Getting over my lost wallet and realizing.. its not the end of the world.

Day 114 : November 8, 2010
1. Last week of classes happened and then finished.
2. I procrastinated so much on my homework for coral reef, but in the end I did finish it.
3. Got so into making Bula Mi Fiji 8.. it is sooo good.. all about climbing mount Victoria ☺
4. I went swimming… and then it started raining.
5. It has rained every freakin day for like the past month in Suva.
6. I went to uprising this past Tuesday and stayed the night because I was doing rivers fiji the next day.
7. Rivers Fiji was soooo nice, so cool, so rockin, it was an excellent rafting trip ☺
8. The bus tried to charge me an extra dollar and I fought it, I’m so sick of the fijians thinking they can just rip me off because I appear to look like a tourist. It gets really frustraten a bit.
9. It took me two hours to get to campus from pacific harbour, when it should only take an hour, it was not an express bus. My bad.
10. Last day of class was officially on Thursday and I finished my visual diary too ☺ woot.
11. For Diwali I went to Suva with Cindy, just to find that it was totally deserted with the occasional fijians. No indofijians at all. It was really hard to get a taxi or even a bus.
12. When night time rolled around I went to my bujaro’s house (Natasha) and hung out with her and salom and the rest of Natashas family. I ate the indian sweets and yes they are sweet.
13. Then we dressed up in Sari’s, and walked down the street to look at the lights.. Natasha lives in the neighborhood where the lights always win the Diwali light competition. People were super surprised to see that I (a white person, tourist looking person) was dressed in a Sari walking around with locals who were also in Saris. Anyways it was fun.
14. I lit fireworks in my Sari, and ate a nice dinner too.. with my hands.. it’s an accomplishment. People use just their hands to eat here, they don’t really use silverware .. ever.. so yeah it’s a little different than back home. My Fijian friends thought I was weird cause I wanted a fork to eat my food once so yeah.
15. Diwali was so good, I stayed the night at my bujaros house and we attempted to do some henna as well.
16. Next day I headed home (Saturday) and got ready to head out with Cindy to Nadi.
17. We left and when we got to Nadi we stayed at Bamboo.
18. We went on a nice sunset walk and took pictures.. and then.. got to the road and I realized my wallet was gone.
19. It fell out of my pocket and I am pretty sure it fell into the water cause we were walking in it slightly ☹ I was so mad.. sat there with a torch and walked up the beach that we had just covered (a little more than a quarter of a mile is where we walked). I could not find it, got some help, still no luck. Tide was high at this point.. so pretty sure it took my wallet which had my only two credit cards (that work abroad), my USP student ID (which I need to get into my exams so I can take them), my dive card (I don’t know my dive number), and my BSP ATM bank card oh and that’s not to mention the $500 dollars in cash that was in there too. All gone, I have 700 dollars left for fiji and 3 more weeks.. and now I have two hundred.. getting another loan from my gparents I’m hoping so I can survive. I have back up money in a sense, but that is so much money to lose and just be gone.. There is no way its on the beach and I’m pretty sure the ocean took it. I lost it late at night and stayed up all night and (woke up) early at 5:30 to check the beach when the sun rose, no luck.
20. It makes me sick.
21. Since I still do have money for NZ & OZ I am going to use that money to pay back my roommate who was luckily with me when this all happened.
22. We still decided to do our trip to Mana and the Castaway Island. It’s the last big thing on my list for Fiji that is affordable, so here I am right now on Mana Island about to go on my trip to the island where Castaway was filmed!!
23. I’m so mad about my wallet though, but I have tried to get more positive since it happened… tried…. The money I have left, the 200.. is in suva.. and soo. Im pretty helpless at this point.
24. Thank Goodness I have Cindy with me and I did not travel by myself this time!!
25. Happy Birthday Lacey & Carly!!!

Day 117: November 11, 2010
1. Went to Mana with Cindy and stayed at Mana Lagoon. It was okay, nice ish beach, but food, not good. Me no likey. Two things I refuse to eat (cause of my allergies of course) tuna and beans … are something that they happened to serve for two of my meals. … not bueno.
2. Mana had cute puppies, 3 of them.. bujaro (she was quite the bujaro too), gingee, and peppa. Me and Cindy kept playing with them all the time and feeding them food under the table because they were so skinny and not well fed. We also gave them water while we were there. I hope they are ok, I made the people who were still staying there to promise to take care of them cause they were adorable.
3. Did the trip to where “Castaway” was filmed and attempted to watch the movie the night before, but fell asleep cause I was so tired.
4. The island had such a very nice beach, not so good a reef though, but nice beach.. and surprisingly.. some decent sized waves. It was a bit of a bumpy ride to get there.
5. I really wanted to parasail while out here, but missed my chance at beachcomber because they said 8 am.. so I went then they said they were not going to do it until 3 pm so I said I was going to go back to sleep.. so I did. For two hours (long night before, needed a little bit more sleep) woke up two hours later and apparently they decided to go anyways.. I was soooo extremely frustrated. Then at Mana the guy in charge of it said we could do it, so we went on the castaway trip and said we would like to do it in the afternoon .. we get back and he says .. the company next door won’t do it for backpackers, only for the 4 star resort on the island.. so the boss lied cause he said we could do it and then we did not get to do it. ☹ I’m so bummed about it.
6. We did a dive while at Mana at “the supermarket.” It was quite nice. We saw two small white tip sharks.. and lots and lots of trigger fish.. I had a moment of stupidity.. or maybe a whole dive of stupidity.. I have the tendancy to want to swim closer to creatures that I should probably not swim closer too.
7. So Trigger Fish… They can get to be quite big, have teeth, a bit bigger than a human but in the same ish shape, and are quite territorial, especially right now considering its mating season. So I’m swimming just enjoying the scenery.. and then I maybe get.. about 6 feet away from a group of trigger fish and one turns a corner and we make eye contact.. and I think.. hmm. Im really close, this could be a bad idea… so I back away while still watching the trigger fish.. and then.. suddenly, the trigger fish I make eye contact with charges at me and im like holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…So luckily my reaction was to put up my leg to karate kon-fu it (it was heading towards my face) or just kick it.. and I was sooo shocked when I realized I had actually really kicked it smack in the face cause it was really charging at me.
8. Moral of the story is.. don’t get to close to trigger fish, especially during mating season because they will charge.. and bite.
9. Apparently Cindy watched this and prior to the charging trigger fish saw a line of 2-3 of them from another group following me. Oops.
10. I think im like a trigger fish.. cause maybe im territorial? I don’t know?
11. We ended up leaving later that day back for the mainland and made our way back to the coral coast… to stay at…. The beachhouse………yes.
12. It was cindy’s first time going there.. and we saw fluffy and blacky…….and the newest member of the family puffy.. or I forgot its other name. anyways…fluffy is actually running now and she is a gramma… blacky is a daddy… and well the momma is a dog from the village that visits on occasion.. usually the evening.. we call her nipples.
13. Banana Pancakes and hot fudge brownie with ice cream.. this is something… everyone should eat once in their life.. preferably more.
14. Next stop after this was pacific harbour because we decided we were going to do a coral dive at beqa. We found a nice place right next to Aqua Trek (the dive company)
15. But then I decided I wanted to get my advanced, even though I’m totally low on money, but since I lost my wallet, I need a new way to prove im certified right.. sooooooo.. hello advanced.. and adventure diving certification.
16. Cindy decided to do it with me after all… I mean.. its not like we could have great diving with getting certified inland back home in the states or Canada.. right.
17. Last night was a bit rough sleeping.. we went to bed early.. and woke up.. too early.. like 2 or 3 am.. because of the stupid rooster.. it sat there and cock-a-doodle-dooed from 2-3 am until.. well, it never stopped, it was still doing it when we got back at 2 pm from diving.. I may kill it if it does it again tonight.
18. We did our coral dives today.. or actually it was our navigation, deep dive, and search and recovery dive… it was soo good.. we got the chance to see seven sisters and rainbow bridge diving sites too. They were both soooo lovely……… They were the best dives I have done here in Fiji next to the Shark dive of course.. which I do tomorrow to finish my advanced.. yep.. im doing the shark dive again……and I cannot wait… hoping for the tiger!!
19. I signed up for classes today as well.. spring 2011.. is going to be rough on my soul.
20. I got to skype with my brother Chase today.. who is in China..and he thinks I have an accent, just saying.. I hope he is right.. I have always wanted an accent.
21. I really need to study for my final exams.. but first.. my diving course. Yep.

ps. I found out the Utes lost against TCU.. I am very upset, I kept trying to watch the game while I was at a backpackers resort, but internet was not good enough.

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