Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Can you say BuLaaa?

Day 95: October 20, 2010

1. Well, shoot it has been a while, I have so much to say.

2. Genny and Kyler arrived early morning on October 11, 2010 and I had almost 8 magical days with their company.

3. We started at the beachhouse.. they were going to come straight to suva, but I wanted them to see.. a nice beach in Fiji, which is very non-existant in Suva.

4. Took them into Sigatoka for Fiji Day and man was that an adventure. It was a great way to jump into the Fiji Culture..we ran into the TALSA team from USP, that I was suppose to be on… ( I didn’t cause my friends were going to be in town) then we ate on the broken bridge over the river and watched some of the bili bili races.

5. We headed back to the beachhouse after a bit, we were tired, and well I was sure they were jet lag as well.

6. We hung out that night with some eachother as well as some of the other beach house guests we met and then went for a sleep that would hopefully last for a while. (like all night and then some).

7. Next day came and we all chilled out for a while, played at the beach with fluffy/snowy/lucy and blacky.. I love those dogs.. and swang a little bit, you know.. the usual.

8. We also went kayaking.. Genny helped pull out a surfer to the waves, but stopped before we got to the waves then I thought it sounded like a fun idea to keep paddling as I talked with the girl who was going out to surf.. I soon learned that was a bad idea..

9. I sat there in the middle of the waves (where they were not breaking for a minute) then realized, maybe I should get out of there.. there was another kayaker – who I later learned was the groundskeeper- out in a kayak beyond the waves fishing.. so I figured it was okay for me to be there.. but soon realized I needed to start paddling back, cause the waves turned out to be a little stronger than I anticipated.

10. I start trying to paddle in.. and turn to look behind me and see a huge wave, I just think to myself, surf the wave in the kayak.. or die.. so I attempt to surf the wave.. bad idea, the wave breaks, I flip headfirst into the water… kayak flips over me and hits me on the head.. and then surfs without me.. for a whole second I thought.. well I got hit on the head with my kayak so do I pass out and drown now or something?? I realized I was still alive and retarded and swam to the surface with camera in one hand and paddle in the other… then.. I start.. slowly swimming to my kayak in the strong current… swimming for at least 10 minutes, then luckily one of the surfers came to help me (give me some support on their board.. and the owner goes to get my kayak.. ) I was really caught off guard.. I actually thought I would make it and surf the wave. Hahhh. Well I get in my kayak, start attempting to paddle, look behind again.. and same thing… only luckily the kayak did not hit me on the head.. I just thought well crap.. and hurried to my kayak..again.. then I start going look behind me and another wave is coming that is big, so I just jump out and hold onto the kayak.. and then I hurry and jump in and tried to use any strength I had left to get out of there. Needless to say I made it, after about 3 kayak crashes into the reef.. I was sooooo exhausted.. and I thought I had a concussion, but I didn’t. I know this because I called my mom at 2.30 am and asked her if I did… naming my symptoms. Sorry mom for waking you.

11.Unfortionately I had to head back to Suva around noon so I could make it for my class, so I did.. just before I got in a van to head to Suva, it started raining.

12.I rode in a van when it was raining, which I vowed, I would not do, but had to get to class and luckily, my van driver was a very safe and cautious driver…

13.As we drove it just got more and more rainy.. pouring so hard it was ridiculous.. but does not top the storm from last week.

14. I somehow made it to class on time, just barely.. I had to bring my backpack and stuff though from my long weekend.

15. School, school, and more school, had to work hard and finish my group project for tourism on Tuesday and then go to indian dance as well.

16. Yay, Genny and Kyler are coming to my house today…….. we meet at mcdonalds.. typical American meeting spot.. eh hahahah.

17.We head to my house and I let them hang out there while I run to class.. its raining anyways.. it rained the whole time they were in Suva.. 3 days straight. Yessssss. Suva and its rainy days.

18. Thursday rolls around and………..we go to the germanssssss. Yep. We go there because that’s what I do around here.. I go to the germans, my neighbors across the street.. and then I introduce my friends from home to my friends here in Fiji.. and then……we go clubbing…………kyler danced……so did genny, they may not admit it, but they shook it a little.

19.For some reason, we could not find purple haze (the gay bar) we wanted to go to it, just because.. we later learned that it was about 200 feet away from O’reilly’s, we just had to turn the other way.. oops haha.

20.Did I mention that we had a dinner of mashed potatoes.. salad, bread, or wait, was that lunch…..then we had another dinner of.. chips and salsa.. and then later another dinner of quesidillas. Yeppppppp

21.So good

22.Somebody tried to break into my house the last night I was there… I was asleep, but Greg watched a hand reach in through the window and feel around.. I’m not sure why he watched it and did not do anything, but yeah.. all he did was pound the table.. then the person left. Supposedly.. I think it is the labtop thief.. he stole the labtops of Norway and turkey across the street.. at the germans house.. and he stole a labtop from the house below mine.. im in the triangle.. and im glad I moved out, cause I don’t want a burglar there..

23.I packed up and moved out of that house……… Cindy’s house. Yayyyyyyyy.

24.Packing was a hugeeeeeeeeeeeee thing.. I packed way to much stuff for Fiji!! Way to much.. my bad weighed about 80 pounds.. or. 37 kilos roughly.. P.S. little sister Amber.. your birthday present is in a side pocket.. P.S. #2.. if there is a bottle of bounty.. it is a gift for someone not related, no worries mom.

25.Ps. Thanks mamma for all the goodies you sent me with genny..

a. Medicine

b. Funfetti cake

c. Reeses

d. Kisses

e. Letters from sisters

f. Birthday present from amber

g. Chapstick! (the good kind)

h. Dry sac

i. It was like Christmas, but with things that I needed not wanted for a change.. that sounds kinda weird, but yeah…… I reallllly needed things this time.. Christmas is done for me. (unless you just want to get me things this year just because you still love me anyways)

26. We went to uprising the next night.. it was a fairly quiet night, little bit rainy, sleepy time early.. and the best internet I have ever had in fiji.. which lead to homesickness a bit.

27.It is Zip Line Fiji Day J yesssssss we did the zipline in fiji and it was awesome… I want to do it professionally. Me no likey millipedes though they huge.

28.Next stop after that.. and arts village and lunch.. = beachhouse… again.

29.It felt more quiet than usual.

30.We did a very dodgy snorkeling trip.. 2 bloody feet from the reef that was 15 feet below .. but really 5 feet below.. and a ridiculously unsafe current.. he dropped us off where the waves were breaking.. made it a very unsafe snorkeling trip and a very sketch one too.

31.Did the waterfall hike from the beachhouse.. to a waterfall. It was lovely…… likey.

32.We were going to go to monurikki, but we decided to stay at beachhouse and chill out for the rest of genny and kylers vacation.. it was good.. full of chocolate brownies and ice cream, banana pancakes, and unlimited beer for super cheap (as said by kyler.. or basically said by kyler. Haha)

33. Swimming. So nice, swinging so nice.. fluffy/snowy so nice, blacky so nice, beachhouse, so nice, if you minus the sketchy snorkeling trip.. haha

34. the beachhouse is my home away from home.

35.It was sad to see genny and kyler leave for home, I wanted to go with… I miss home, but I couldn’t got to finish school and enjoy this time while it lasts.. I just want to see snow again. I missed the first snow L

36. My belly aches.. and I am bad at pool, but good at sleeping cause of sore belly during pool.

37.I spent my last night hanging out by the toilet for part of the night.

38. I am now at Cindy’s house… and I feel a lot more at home now.. I do miss having a big bed and air conditioning, but its okay.. I really don’t need it..

39.It’s nice to feel at home now, and not worry about when the maids are going to come in and sit around and not really do anything.. I always felt so uncomfortable whenever they came.. which was everyday. So yeah.

40.Pizza night was tonight at me, Cindy, and Jesse’s house.. it was the best pizza that I have had in Fiji.. (better than Pizza king that is.)

41.My belly still aches.. and I have a paper due tomorrow.

42.I can clean clay.

43. I am at 95 days since I have been in Fiji.. about to hit the big 100.. woahhhhhhh.

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