Monday, October 11, 2010

Life as I know it, Lately.

Day 81: October 6, 2010

1. Friday night I had a lovely dinner with my Qamea group of friends and it was marvelous. Good food, Good friends and a backpacker.

2. Saturday, I woke up a bit late, and decided I should go to beachhouse again.. So I got a bus to the bus station.. and missed the bus heading that way by five minutes… the next one did not come for two hours.. so I walked to the van station to indulge in my first van ride.

a. It is safest to take the bus because the vans drive real fast

b. Vans are more likely to crash than bus’s

c. Vans are a little bit more expensive than bus’s, but not much.

3. I got a bit nervous in that van ride, but I lived.

4. I jumped in the ocean first thing when I got to beach house.. so nice.. ahhh.

5. Finally.. I also got internet wifi for free. So I brought my computer and did some homework.. but mostly. I skyped when I was on my computer.

6. I ran into three of my friends there from the weekend before.. and fluffy.. the white dog.. and blacky the black dog.. they both love me.. for real. They come in the ocean when I do and they bark at people that come near me. That is love ya’all. Alright.

7. I ate dinner of a queen. A coconut.. and then I asked for some hot water to throw my chow noodles in. –chow noodles = fiji’s version of top raman.

8. Went and did some snorkeling.. saw an eel, almost nemo fish, butterfly fish, lots of sea urchins, etc.

9. Took the bus back in a rush… after tea time of course. I love tea time.

10. Bus ride back, there was no seats available.. at some point after we started driving a nice fellow stood up and let me have his seat… and thank goodness he did.. I was sooo tired.. fiji makes me so tired sometimes.. or maybe it was the sun..or both.

11. Monday… I did not get to do my presentation.. it has been bumped back two more weeks now.. and that is annoying.. I want to get it done with already.

12. My professor did not show up to my integrated arts class.. that angers me too.

13. I joined an Indian dance group.. yes… and it is rockin… we have to do a fashion show next week.. in Indian clothing.. and then we have to do a Indian dance with them in two weeks during fiji fashion week.. should be exciting.

14. Went shopping with my friend tika and we got Indian clothing for cheap.. it’s a huge sale in suva this week.. huge sale like it was hibiscus time.. and well.. if you know me.. you know that I like sales… where stuff goes cheap.. cause when stuff goes cheap.. I may buy it.

15. indian dancing.. and new words…it sounds out like this boo-cha-roo…-that is not how you spell it though… don’t say it to your friends if they speak hindi.. but this is what my friends taught me today.

16. Today in integrated arts class… after it started 30 minutes late.. we had to clean the clay.. the clay we are using came from the ground in one of the villages… and we get to clean out all the rocks so we can use it and fire it and not have it break… me and miranda.. wanted to buy it like we can back home.. but we actually found it a little soothing after a while.. until our fingers got sore.. yep.. we be super hardcore now… fiji style that is.

17. I got my final dates for my exams.. I get done.. November 23.. so im flying out of here to austrailia.. on the 24.. then off to New Zealand after that.. I have big plans there… bridge walks.. bungee jump.. swings.. zorb. Yep cant wait.

Day 85: October 10, 2010 -10/10/10

1. What a long stressful week. Hmm. I had an exam for biogeography and I stayed up sooo late the night before studying.. ish.. it was really hard.. you see it was raining.. and thundering the most strongest rain storm I have ever been around for in my life.. Thought it was going to cyclone. Anyways. Point is.. hung out at my friends house to study, but when I got there I was soaked.. soo we made some Vico –hot chocolate basically and added marshmallows.. I only took one huge one from my housemate.. borrowed I mean. And did that then practiced our indian dancing and then had more chocolate.. yeah. I stayed up till about 5:30-6 am the day of my test. It was a long brutal day after that. On the upside.. the indian dance is getting better.

2. Test happened. I think … I passed

3. I told my indian friends I would go to the clubs with them and show them who’s the best booty shaker in town.. ahaha. It was a blast.. minus the fact I forgot my id.. in fact I did not even think to bring it… clearly.. I must not go out that much..

4. Thank goodness for my indian friends.. its so much easier to be saved from creepy guys at the bar that are islanders when you are hanging out with islanders!

5. I learned how to speak hindi.. in fact I am fluent in Hindi .. but I cannot spell it soooooooooo… I will sound it out for you… tooom mal lecto booo char rooo..

6. I carved my name in the germans/turkey/Norway friends house’s home made bar.. wow that was a mouthful of words.. yes

7. I was coming home from town after dark and was walking up the hill fast like, but then I came across and man with a bottle in his hand… clearly drunk and got a little nervous. He started chatting to me then I was like oh I got to go here and turned to walk to the germans house and hang out there.. well turns out they knew the old man and he came down too.

8. I went to celequi island with two of my Canadian home girls… woot. I did two dives.. and well they were pretty good for the most part, but the Crown of Thorns is eating the reef and destroying it.. it is so sad.. and the crown of thorns starfish are everywhere and super huge..

9. I saw 3 moray eels.. and I touched the tail of one, I know I am not suppose too, but I feel like when I see things sometimes.. I need to touch them.. so yeah.. it was a huge eel.. yep yep. I also saw a pretty big white tip shark.. probably 2 meters.. it was bigger than me which was crazy.. I didn’t realize white tips got that big..

10. I also saw some of the most colorful coral.. and soft coral.. no wonder fiji is the soft coral capitol of the world. There was a wall dive that was sooo cool. So colorful and ah I just loved that wall.

11. We got the chance to go over to leluvia ( I may have spelled that wrong). The reason people were going is because celeqai is a dry island because it is owned by the Methodist church. Now when it was offered I was like, can I just go to hang out and well basically touch the island so I can say I have now been to 19 islands.. and there like yeah.. So I went with them. There was about 10 of us that went.

12. Once I got to leluvia.. I fell in love with the island.. it was so nice, so relaxed and everyone was very nice. And the ultimate highlight was that they have lights in the toilets (bathroom). I started talking with this fellow who I had seen in suva but never had talked too (H-name protected because I said so) from I think austrailia. As we got talking I learned that he has started this organization called the south pacific conservation project. They evaluate the coral reefs and the life underwater in fiji. It sounded awesome. He introduced me to the crew of volunteers who were from Greece, England, Germany, and America(but living in austrailia, forever) and a Russian too. They all are here diving and whale watching and evaluating it, documenting it, and conserving it. It sounds really interesting, I would love to do that some time because it sounds like the ultimate project to me, I always knew I was secretly a marine biologist wannabe.

13. I also ended up meeting one of the four owners of Laucala Island (the 7-star resort island I mentioned earlier in my blog). H –the auzzie told me I should tell him the story about how I tried to get on his island so I did. I told him his security workers did a good job because they did not let me on the island.. The owner was quite a bit younger than I expected.. probably early 30’s.. I was a bit surprised, just because a 7-star resort.. that’s big stuff there.

14. I am probably going to go back to this island and dive with them hopefully. I was asked to maybe give some feedback so I think I will definitely take advantage of this opportunity.

15. This guy (H) also knows 3 of my 4 professors. The conservation project works closely with USP . yeah yeah.

16. There was phytoplankton everywhere… and the stars were amazing out there.. it was like there was stars above and below us in the water cause of all the phytoplankton. Ahhh. So cool.. one of those “awe” moments.

17. The boat ride there took about 5-10 minutes… but the boat ride home… took about.. well. 1 and a half hours…first off we were stuck on the sea shore and could not move the boat off the sand .. then…the captain of the boat (along with everyone else except me).. was a bit drunk.. so we start coming up on our island on low tide and ran into reef cause it was sticking above the water.. the boat had no lights sooo. Yeah.. we were using my terrible tiny flashlight and one other good flashlight.. we kept crashing into the reef and finally we backed out. The engine kept stopping, the two divemasters were freaking out, well one of them was the other was trying to snog another lady in the boat.. and then another lady started snogging the captain..after the boat started moving.. and well. Me and one of the other girls were just sitting there being like “alright, lets go to bed here, were never going to get home.” Needless to say, we eventually made it back to our island alive.. after a long long long journey in the dark. It was cool cause of the stars and phytoplankton… otherwise.. I would have been more frustrated I think.. the dog swam out to the boat too and joined us when we were stuck at sea.

18. I went snorkeling… I fell kinda hard on the coral and jammed my finger.. so much that it bled inside my nail.. I hope my fingernail does not fall off!!

19. I got some sweet coral pictures…

20. Crown of thorns.. go die. Your killing my colorful coral. L I like the color and the coral and your ruining it.

21. I found a garden underwater.. a coral garden.. it was soooo coool. I wish I had a huge bathtub.. and I made a coral garden.. and could go swim in it all the time like a mermaid.

22. I came home today.. so I can go meet my friends (genny and kyler) at the airport!! That’s right.. two more utahns are coming to fiji to representttt. Haha. They get here.. in about.. 8 hours I belive.. yippieeeeee. I cannot wait.. which means I must sleep now..

23. One more thing.. it is almost somebodies birthdayyyyyyyy. Dianaaaaaaa it’s almost your birthday in fijiiiiiiiii. So happy birthdayyy J love you and miss you! --Correction it is now your birthday in Utah!!

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