Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gettin' Tougher

As time has gone by, year after year, to this twenty-second year of my life, I feel like I have grown to be a pretty "tough girl." Sure I have my moments where I turn into a slight pansy (when it comes to lifting things), but overall, I feel like I am pretty tough. That is, up until the moment I moved to Alaska. I'm definitely still tough, but just not as tough as I thought I was.
Here in Alaska, at least the southeast part, it rains and rains and rains, sometimes it feels like a constant rain. I suppose its mroe of a drizzle though, a constant drizzle with the occasional sideways rain. It's fairly cold for a season that is considered summer, about 40-50 farenheit. It's part spring and part winter with a chance of summer, maybe even two days of summer.
I love winter and I love the snow, but let me tell you, this rain is not snow. I can't snowboard on it, but I can swim in it, it will just be a bit chilly. I love water, but not constantly pouring on me, so maybe if summer could show its face one more time while I'm out here in Alaska, that would be nice. From what I hear, the weather is all downhill from here and summer is over. Thanks for your honesty my fellow alaskans.

Goodbye sprinter and herro finter (fall/winter) or shousd I say Herro Safinter -salmon fall/winter time. Did I mention the salmon are swimming up stream to leave their babies. Some are making it up there, and others, they are passing out on the sides of the streams, its quite a crazy thing it is. Sooo Many Salmon! I went kayaking the other day and chased a few up stream, the water rippled like I have never seen it ripple due to massive amounts of frightened salmon (my apologies), but it was so neat to watch. I had to turn around to get back to the ocean and ended up scaring a few more salmon back to the ocean, I hope they had the sense to turn around and go back to the river. (I'm such a tease sometimes.)
Alaska is great, the rain, is not. Alaska is beautiful and the rain can be, but if it would just stop, I want my skin to get some vitamin D, hell, I want to show some skin for maybe an hour? I feel like I'm not asking too much to Mother Earths Alaskan parts. Please, mother earth, let the sun shine, let me show some skin, just for an hour, I have a fringe bikini thats yearning to be on me.

Just said goodbye to my bestie friend, she visited from Utah, now I await the lovers arrival this weekend. Life is good, I have kayaks I borrowed from a friend, and the salmon are going crazy, which means the bears are coming down. I must also add I have not seen any since I hike and walk with my tambourine, it must work as a good bear-scarer device (genius idea? one of many for me). I did however see bears in the wild about two weeks ago, a mama and her baby and another mama and her two babies, they were so adorable, and when we whistled, they ran. They so adorable though.

Also, I'm thinking a summer vacation when I get home, somewhere that is warm and I can run around barefoot.
Guatamala was my first thought, but plane tickets just went up $200
So now, I thinking of driving some of the Western U.S. just until I find sunshine.

This girl.... is super sunshine deprived.

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