Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A little MooshyGooshy side of me...

Zee best week of Alaska

Is the week my lover boy came to town. He makes me happy and he brought the sunshine.

Here is a link to a movie of his trip to visit me:

Cha.cha.check it out.

So I'm going to go a bit mooshy goooshy for the first time on this travel blog of mine.
I have a lover and we have been together for quite some time now.
More than 4 years that tis.

He has been with me throughout all of my wandering soul moments.
When I moved to the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania for the summer of 2009
When I moved to Fiji in July 2010.
When I decided to stay longer in Fiji So I could travel to New Zealand and Australia in November and December 2010.
(to scope it out so we can move there in the future of course)
He has always wanted to go to New Zealand.
& I would love nothing more than to return there.

He has been with me when I graduated University and decided I had to go somewhere for the summer, like Alaska.
after all these times I have put him through our long distance relationship status,
he came to visit me in Alaska.

that made this week he was here, the best week of my being in Alaska.

Love you my peanut butter cup.


So While he was here,
We spent the first rainy day eating breakfast til early hours of the afternoon and then decided to walk through the Sitka National Historic park. This park has several totem poles from the Tlinget tribe posted into zee ground around the area and a nice easy trail to frolick about on. We did this and enjoyed the view, watched the salmon run, and ended it by going to the local brewery. Soup, beer bread, beer samples, root beer, and beer, and loverboy, sounds like a chunk of heaven to me and it twas. 

We took a hike, the next day, literally, and went on a trail that passed two waterfalls and ended by a lake, where there was a boat. "We're on a boat, We're on a boat," Psych, boat was nearly sunk, we got in, and got right back out. It had a huge crack in it and well, wouldn't have made it very far with us in it.  After getting home, we decided to bike to one of my favorite local hangout spots and sunset watch spots, Seamart! Seamart is a grocery store and it's open 24/7, it has a big parking lot and a short trail by it along the water. We biked out there, got some ice cream, drank a lil juice box wine and watched the sunset. It was quite beautiful and one of those moments I had been dreaming of since I got here, him with me, watching the sunset.

Next day, Tuesday, 

Next day, we kayak on a day which held lots of sunshine and about a mere ten minutes after we got out on the kayaks, a giant cloud of fog comes down and stays on us for the rest of the evening. However, that did not stop us, we kayaked out and about by the river opening where the salmon were at Sitka National Historic Park. We chased the salmon, made funky movies and then went where the birds were in the open water. We learned that the sea lions were also where the birds were. I learned, that I am slightly frightened of Sea Lions when I am in a kayak, they kept staring at me, right in the eye. We chased the sea lions too and well, I am very grateful they did not tip me or Reese over. Hallelujah.

Last night with Reesie Roo and I took him to a fancy dinner at a place called "Ludvigs." Was it delicious yes, we got salad, soup, bread, steak, asparagus, & chocolate torte with raspberry----amazing. What I must mention is that before we went to this fancy dinner we went on a hike to no where in particular, but it was up to a muskeg area and then a river full of salmon. We got to the river and got a bit distracted, nearly lost track of time and had to power walk it back so we could catch our dinner reservation. We got back to the hotel, I swung on my dress of tribal print and we danced off to the fancy dinner together after stopping for five minutes at the not cheap, but crappy hotel.

That night was also our first night in a not cheap, but crappy hotel together. How Romantic??? Don't worry, I brought my bamboo sheets and put them on the bed so we could get more comfortable. It worked like magic. Bamboozled check.

The last day comes after we wake from the not cheap, but crappy hotel with my bamboo sheets. We have a bit of a lazy morning and then think, well we still have a lot to do. We pack up, run to my apartment and pack our stuff (we could not stay in the apartment the night prior which is why we stayed at the hotel), and grab the bikes. We bike to the end of the island to the rope swing and plunge into the ocean of Alaska. We jump into the water together and relax on the hammock. Then we bike out to the Fortress of the Bears and say "errrro Bears, how Bearry nice to see you." Next stop, we hit Whale Park and then the Raptor Center, we look for whales and eye the eagles. We walked up stream a bit at the Raptor Center and I also caught my first fish in alaska, with my bare hands. Was it hard, sure, did I catch the same fish twice, yes, did we get it on film, of course!

The adventure with my lover ends as we grab his luggage (and mine that I don't want to keep out here with me) and lug it to the bus, walk it to the airport and plop down and order some delicious sandwiches, of course, after basically starving all day (we didn't really get a good chance to eat any meals) anything would have tasted good at that point.

I must say, I really wanted to jump on the plane with him, Alaska is wonderful, but my lover is more wonderful and saying goodbye to more wonderful, sucks. I watched him fly away on the plane and was a walking waterfall home. 

Sad day :(
Cheers to a great week with my love.lubdub.

Photos of zee best week of Alaska below:


 Hike with ma like.
Kiss for the mister.
 Kayak with the hipster.
 Love for my mister.
 kiss for my lover.
 pose for the shutter.
 Here my tambourine mutter.
 we look good togutter.
 berries fo' one'anutter

Rope Swingin' 
& Barehand fishin'

He is my bundle of fun.sugar.bun.

For My: Peanut Butta Cup

Thanks for coming out babe, best week ever. I am so glad I got to share this with you and I love you.

Your Cookie.

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